Que Pasa

'From A to B & back again'

Alex saw Louise James dancing at ‘Simply Boogie’ in Brixton, South London. Louise did the film for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

A one minute evocation of a dancing, abstract painting, without edits, Que Pasa is inspired by club dance, classic Blue Note Jazz cover design and the abstract expressionist painting of Elsworth Kelly.

Soundtrack Que Pasa (Trio version) by The Horace Silver Quintet

‘Choreographic Captures’ prize, 2008;
‘4Dance’, Channel 4 TV, 2002;
‘One Minute Wanders’, The Place Dance on Screen Film Festival, 2001.

1’, DV, UK 2001

Produced and directed by Alex Reuben

Performed by
Louise James

Camera by
Iain McGill